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‘I Can’t Turn My Brain Off’: PTSD and Burnout Threaten Medical Workers

The coronavirus patient, a 75-year-old man, was dying. No family member was allowed in the room with him, only a young nurse. In full protective gear, she dimmed the lights and put on quiet music. She freshened his pillows, dabbed his lips with moistened swabs, held his hand, spoke softly to him. He wasn’t even… Read More »

Can’t lose belly fat? This trainer says your hormones could be to blame

Trying hard to lose belly fat but can’t? Trainer Terry Fairclough explains how hormones and an hormonal imbalance could be the reason for stubborn fat around the middle  You’re doing everything right – eating less sugar, exercising frequently and saying no to wine o’clock. Yet, although most of your body is shaping up thanks to… Read More »

Why can't i be anorexic

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Our society praises weight loss and people constantly want to know about the newest and best way to lose weight. This refers to those little jars of nutritious, often pureed food designed especially for infants. This article has also been viewed 554,824 why… Read More »

Why diabetes can't be cured

These drugs do not enter the bloodstream, medication focusses on reducing blood sugar and improving absorption. Know the Goal What you’re aiming for: your best health, if you sit most of the day, do You Know the Benefits of Walking? This in turns stimulates the body to release the glucose in the urine; what are… Read More »