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Favipiravir works! Preliminary Clinical Studies Suggest Positive Effects on COVID-19 Patients

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, people around the globe have been eagerly awaiting a real breakthrough on its treatment. Fortunately, a silver lining seems finally to be showing up. The virus clearance rate is a well-established golden standard assessing the clinical effectiveness of an antiviral medication. Recently, preliminary results of the “Clinical Study on Favipiravir’s… Read More »

AHA voices concerns about FDA guidance on clinical decision support

The American Hospital Association is concerned that if the Food and Drug Administration’s draft guidance on clinical decision support software is implemented it could hinder innovation. According to the FDA, its draft guidance—released in September for public comment—is a proposed approach for regulating CDS software that not only fulfills the provisions of the 21st Century… Read More »

Number of Headache-Free Days in Migraine Associated With Health-Related Outcomes – Clinical Pain Advisor

Patients with migraine who have more headache-free days experience less work productivity loss and activity impairment and lower healthcare resource utilization, according to study results published in Pain and Therapy. In this retrospective study, the survey responses of 62,000 adults from 5 European nations were examined; in particular, the data from 1569 individuals with migraine… Read More »