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SABCS: Pfizer’s Ibrance backs up benefit in HER2-negative breast cancer with real-world data

SAN ANTONIO––In chasing down rare cancers, Pfizer has turned to real-world evidence as a tool to study hard-to-treat and minuscule populations. The drugmaker’s Ibrance, which previously notched a breast cancer approval in men based largely on non-clinical data, is now touting more real-world data to support its case. In a real-world study presented Wednesday at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, women with… Read More »

How hackers increasingly can target the data of homebound patients

With the rising number of homebound healthcare patients using technology to communicate with caregivers, family and others, comes new data threats from hackers targeting patient data. In a new blog post, I’ve assessed the data security threat of hackers obtaining sensitive data through popular home smart assistant technologies such as Alexa and Google Home, from… Read More »

Health Data Outside HIPAA: The Wild West of Unprotected Personal Data

Deven McGraw Vince Kuraitis By VINCE KURAITIS and DEVEN McGRAW This post is part of the series “The Health Data Goldilocks Dilemma: Privacy? Sharing? Both?” “…the average patient will, in his or her lifetime, generate about 2,750 times more data related to social and environmental influences than to clinical factors” –McKinsey analysis The McKinsey “2,750 times” statistic… Read More »