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Florida veterinarians cleaning rescue dog’s teeth make shocking discovery

Veterinarians in Florida made a surprising discovery when cleaning the teeth of an 8-year-old rescue dog. In November, Friends of Strays, a no-kill shelter in Saint Petersburg, Fla., rescued the dog, Buddy, from a county pound because he was facing euthanasia due to his age and testing positive for heartworms, news outlet WFTS reported.  DOG… Read More »

Nobel prize for medicine goes to discovery of how cells sense oxygen

By Jessica Hamzelou Niklas Elmehed The Nobel prize in physiology or medicine has been jointly awarded to William Kaelin of Harvard University, Peter Ratcliffe of Oxford University and Gregg Semenza of Johns Hopkins University, for their discovery of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability. Between them, the three discovered the molecular switch that… Read More »