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Hospital leaders plead for financial help, warn of closures, missing payroll

Hospital executives from across the country sounded the alarm on Saturday morning about the dire need for federal financial aid as their cash on hand continues to erode amid the coronavirus pandemic.  “We’ll exhaust all avenues to make payroll in the next few weeks,” Scott Graham, CEO of Three Rivers and North Valley Hospitals in… Read More »

Capping out-of-network hospital bills could create big savings, says RAND

Placing limits on what hospitals can collect for out-of-network care has emerged as a way to address surprise medical bills and as a tool to control rising healthcare spending. The savings to the industry would be similar to more-sweeping proposals such as Medicare for All or setting global health spending caps, according to a new… Read More »

RTLS tech, and changes learned from it, save hospital $1 million per year

Operating rooms typically account for a significant portion of a hospital’s expenses, not to mention as much as 70% of its revenue. This was certainly true at Adventist Health White Memorial. THE PROBLEM When the hospital looked at its data, however, it found that unused operating rooms might be creating a strain on finances and… Read More »