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More engaged, assertive and confident: Lucy’s bone-anchored hearing story

Lucy Brown is an active 12-year-old who has just been accepted into her middle school’s medical program and dreams of one day becoming an ear, nose and throat doctor as well as a member of the Olympic gymnastics team. Perhaps the only difference between her and the other Level 8 USA gymnasts she competes against… Read More »

New Year’s Resolution: Be More Honest

Two years ago, I started being honest. Actually, that’s a lie. I merely started noticing when I wasn’t being honest — and more important, why. I wrote about it in an essay called “How Honesty Could Make You Happier,” which documented what I learned from keeping an honesty journal. Once I realized that personal honesty… Read More »

Should we all be eating more protein?

A recent review and meta-analysis investigating protein intake conclude that consuming the recommended daily allowance is fine for most people, most of the time. However, more protein is not necessarily beneficial. Share on PinterestProtein supplements are increasingly popular. Many of us enthusiastically indulge in holiday treats, which means that come New Year’s Day, beginning a… Read More »

This Guy Just Made an Even More Realistic Star Wars Lightsaber in His Garage

Few sci-fi weapons are more mind-blowing than the lightsaber made famous by Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. Capable of cutting through metal and deflecting laser blasts, it’s the iconic Jedi accessory, whether you’re fighting for the light side of the Force, or have succumbed to the dark. Subscribe to Men’s Health Here in the real… Read More »