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Man who suffered agonising foot pain discovers it was because a HAIR ‘splinter’ was in his heel 

Man who suffered mystery agonising foot pain discovers it was because a rare HAIR ‘splinter’ was stuck in his heel Unnamed 35-year-old had such bad pain in his foot that he went to hospital He trampled on a hair while barefoot, causing the strand to become ’embedded’ 1cm-long hair was removed with tweezers, immediately easing the… Read More »

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome – A Common, Undiagnosed, And easy to treat cause of pelvic pain.

Do you suffer from pelvic pain or discomfort? Have you been told its normal or no treatment offered? Then this article is for you.  Pelvic pain is something that plagues up to 40% of women of childbearing age, yet the overwhelming of these patients are frustrated due to a lack of answers, or worse yet,… Read More »