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COVID-19 Linked to Large Vessel Stroke in Young Adults

What your doctor is reading on Medscape.com: APRIL 24, 2020 — Physicians in New York City, which still leads the nation in reported COVID-19 cases, are reporting significantly more acute, large vessel strokes in young adults infected with COVID-19. In a rapid communication to be published online April 29 in the New England Journal of Medicine, investigators… Read More »

Can high cholesterol cause stroke

Or “bad” cholesterol, the main hormone cholesterol in the transfer of food energy to cells throughout the body. Carbing is a free — it acts as a mechanical pump. And stroke: 13 — uS professor explains why Rory Collins’ calls to retract BMJ papers stroke statins is an ‘assault on science’ healthinsightuk. It can be… Read More »

Hispanics in Certain Counties More Likely to Die from Heart Disease, Stroke

(Juanmonino/Getty Images) Hispanic adults who live in counties with high concentrations of their ethnic peers are about 60 percent more likely than those who don’t to die from heart disease and stroke, a new study shows. As a group, Hispanics have lower death rates from heart disease and stroke than white and black adults –… Read More »

How to blood pressure stroke

But, for those with high blood pressure, it’s simply one of the most powerful ways to take control and help prevent what causes a stroke. A stroke can often lead to physical disability. Dietary approaches to prevent and treat hypertension: a scientific statement from the American Heart Association”. Prevention participates in various affiliate marketing programs,… Read More »

Can a diuretic cause a stroke

They can a diuretic cause a stroke also occur in other blood vessels in the body before being swept through the bloodstream and into narrower arteries in the brain. Cerebral angiogram: Dyes are injected into the brain’s blood vessels to make them visible under X-ray. The elderly, infants, persons who work outdoors, people with mental… Read More »