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Global innovation: Luka® helps children discover their passion for books

Luka®, the reading companion for children, is a unique storyteller unlike any other. In the form of a smart owl, Luka® sees the title of any children’s book and reads it out page by page in a captivating and emotional way. Thanks to this simple form of artificial intelligence, children can have their favourite books… Read More »

For 1 in 16 US women, their first experience with sexual intercourse was rape, study says

The study, published Monday in the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine, notes the World Health Organization recognizes forced sexual initiation — “an unwanted first sexual intercourse that is physically forced or coerced” — as a distinct form of sexual violence. “We feel it is accurate to describe these events as rape,” said Dr. Laura Hawks,… Read More »

NHS hospital offers pregnant women VR headsets to let them relax and take their mind off the pain

NHS hospital offers pregnant women VR headsets to let them virtually ‘relax on the beach’ and ‘travel to MARS’ to take their mind off the pain of childbirth University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff is trialling the VR headsets  If successful, it could be rolled out across more NHS maternity units  Beach scenes, the Northern… Read More »