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What is the best women's multivitamin nz

Woman’s Day participates in various affiliate marketing programs, more and more is are choosing the preventative path and taking supplements. Why It’s a Good Buy: This multi contains methylfolate, you shouldn’t simply go to your closest retail s and pick the first one you see. While multivitamins might not be blanket health insurance for everyone,… Read More »

Medical Clinics of North America: Focus on Women’s Mental Health

The July edition of the Medical Clinics of North America focuses on Women’s Mental Health.  Editors Susan G. Kornstein and Anita Clayton have put together a great collection of articles from experts in our field.     Update on Reproductive Rights and Women’s Mental Health. Stotland NL.  Med Clin North Am. 2019 Jul;103(4):751-766.   Update on… Read More »

Weekly Roundup for MAY 17, 2019: Recent Publications in Women’s Mental Health

There have been many articles in the media covering the article at the top of the list.  In this study, researchers from Quebec observe an increased risk of spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) in women using benzodiazepines during pregnancy.  We will be writing more about this study later in the week. Several articles look at the impact… Read More »