A Family Therapist Helps Improve Relationships

By | December 28, 2019

What is family therapy?

Family therapy is a type of counseling that helps members of the family improve as a unit. It focuses on communication and interpersonal relationships. A family therapist helps resolve conflicts between the different members of the family. Family therapy doesn’t have to be long-term. The best-case scenario is that it’s a short-term form of treatment that helps people work through issues in the unit. It can deepen the connections, and the bonds between members, and as the sessions go on, it will alleviate some of the trauma and relationship issues. There are many reasons to seek family therapy, and here are some of them.

Communication issues

With any relationship, it’s essential to understand how the other person communicates and respects their communication style. If you have a disconnect with how you communicate with one member of your family or more, family therapy can help. A family therapist understands that every member of the unit communicates differently. They want to support the family in learning to compromise and hear one another. That’s something that the unit can work on in therapy. When there’s a communication breakdown, it can cause conflict among the family members. There’s room for misunderstandings and discord, and that can create a hostile environment. That’s why family therapy is important. It’s a safe space to discuss communication problems and begin to work through them with a trained professional.


When two partners get divorced, there are many issues in the family, especially when there are children involved. It’s essential to learn to co-parent when you’re getting divorced. You want to make sure that the children see that you and your partner are making an effort to get along. You don’t have to be best friends, but learn to be civil toward each other. Family therapy can help in the co-parenting process and help navigate difficult issues such as co-parenting or domestic violence, depending on the severity of the situation. Family therapists have seen a variety of situations, including contentious divorces.

Blended families

There are instances where two parents get divorced, and one or both of them gets remarried. In these circumstances, there’s a blended family. It can be challenging for everyone in the family unit to adapt to these new circumstances. There’s the learning curve of becoming a step-parent. It can be hard for the children involved to adjust to their new guardians. A family therapist understands blended families and will help the members work together so they can be more cohesive.

Special needs children

Having a special needs child is not easy. That’s why talking about it in family therapy can help. It can be stressful if you have a child with special needs. You and your partner may be fighting to get your child services, which can cause friction in the family. Sometimes that creates discord in the unit. The parents can talk about that in family therapy. There may be resentment if one parent is doing more of the work with the special needs child than the other. Family therapy is a great way to work through those issues surrounding special needs children. The more honest the partners can be in family therapy, the better. There are sensitive topics that they might be hesitant to discuss, but a family therapist can help the couple understand how to work together to co-parent effectively. Family therapy is an excellent place to work through emotional issues surrounding having a special needs child.

Marriage troubles

A licensed marriage and family therapist can help married couples work through their problems. When two people get married, after the honeymoon phase, there may be conflicts regarding communication, sexual intimacy, finances, or issues that come up in married life. No marriage is perfect, and every couple goes through a rocky period. A marriage and family therapist is adept at helping clients navigate the issues surrounding marriage in family therapy.

Getting help for your family

If you fall into any of the categories above or are having trouble in your family, it’s okay to seek help. Families are complicated, and a family therapist understands that. Whether you find a therapist online or in your area, your relationships with your loved one’s matter. Your family is important, and therapy can improve the connection between the members.

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