Bulk Powders vs Myprotein: Which is better?

By | December 17, 2019

bulk powders vs myprotein

Bulk Powders and Myprotein are two of the most popular sports nutrition and supplements brands in the UK and some people wonder which one is better and which one should they actually try first: Bulk Powders or Myprotein? The answer is not that simple and it really depends on what you are looking for and what things are important to you.

Maybe you like to buy from a brand that is more established? Or the one that has better reviews? Maybe you just want to see how some of their most popular products compare and what are the differences. In this post you will find out everything you need to know and more, to help you decide between the two brands.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means I may get a small commission if you purchase a product after clicking on a link. This does not cost you anything and does not affect opinions on the products reviewed in this post.

Bulk Powders vs Myprotein – Quality

One of the main things people wonder when trying to decide between Bulk Powders or Myprotein is the quality of their products. Of course, who doesn’t want to buy a better quality product, if possible? For this reason, I decided to research a little bit and see how both brands keep their products of high quality while keeping the costs down.

Bulk Powders Quality

Bulk Powders never compromise on quality to save costs. They prefer working with fewer suppliers than other companies and like to build long-term relationships with them which results in better quality and lower costs.

While some companies mix together raw materials of different qualities (lower and higher quality), Bulk Powders never do that as they like to keep their quality high. Instead, to save costs, they buy in bulk and negotiate the best prices with high-quality suppliers.

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All the supplier materials they use in-house are independently tested and their Certificates of Analysis are available to download on most product pages. From these certificates, you can also learn the exact composition of a particular product – the report will tell you the amount of certain macronutrients you are expected to find in the product such as protein content and specific amino acids. This is reassuring as then you know exactly what you are consuming and this should match with what’s stated on the label.

If you cannot access these reports online, contact Bulk Powders directly and ask for them. More about their quality here.

Myprotein Quality

Myprotein produces everything in-house which saves them money and makes their products more affordable. Since everything is produced in-house they control the quality themselves and use advanced testing measures to make sure their products are as pure as possible and of the highest standards.

To maintain high quality, Myprotein only use accredited suppliers that pass their rigorous approval process. As a result, all of their products always adhere to strict European and global standards.

The British Retail Consortium has given Myprotein the AA Grade for Food Safety but to maintain this accreditation regular audits are carried out on their premises to ensure everything meets the relevant standards. Their independent quality partner, ALS use stringent UKAS assessment measures to test and approve the products.

Myprotein are also partnered with Labdoor, an independent sports nutrition tester who have named their Impact Whey Isolate #1 for value, and their Creatine Monohydrate #1 for quality.

Bulk Powders vs Myprotein – Similarities and differences

Now, let’s look at some key information about both brands and see how they compare side by side.

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Bulk PowdersMyprotein
Year founded 2005 2004
Products sold Protein powders and shakes, sports supplements, health & wellbeing supplements, health foods, superfoods, clothing and accessories Protein powders and blends, sports and health supplements, protein bars and snacks, clothing and accessories
Positioning The second-largest sports nutrition in the UK and the fastest-growing in Europe Europe’s No 1 nutrition brand
Bestsellers Pure Whey Protein Peanut Butter 1kg Liquid Egg Whites Pure Whey Isolate 90 Vegan Protein Powder Impact Whey Protein Impact Whey Isolate Creatine Monohydrate Powder Protein Brownie
Organic range? Yes – 18 products Yes – 17 products
Delivery Free UK delivery over £49 Free UK delivery over £40
Trustpilot Reviews over 19k over 39k
Average Review Score 4.5 4.4

Bulk powders vs Myprotein – Protein products

Protein supplements are some of the most common supplements athletes and fitness fanatics use to improve their performance and for this reason, I decided to look in detail how protein powders from both brands compare so you can more easily decide which one to go for.

Whey protein

A comparison of their bestselling whey protein powder in a table below:

Bulk Powders Pure Whey Protein
Bulk Powders Pure Whey
Myprotein Impact Whey Protein
Myprotein Impact Whey
Protein per serving over 22g 21g
BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) per serving 5g 4.5g
Made with grass-fed cow’s milk?
Number of flavours 23 over 40
Popular flavours Chocolate, Coconut & Pineapple, Vanilla Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry Cream
Sweeteners used Only sucralose (artificial sweetener) Sucralose for most flavours.
Stevia used for some flavours.

I don’t personally use whey protein myself but if I were to buy one of the protein powders above, I would pick Myprotein Impact Whey Protein. That’s because they use stevia to sweeten some of their flavours and I like to avoid artificial sweeteners such as sucralose. Stevia is classed as a natural sweetener, not an artificial one. This just means it’s better for your body and doesn’t come with the side effects of some of the artificial sweeteners (which can significantly alter your gut microbiome, for example).

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In terms of taste, both whey protein powders have positive reviews but some flavours are more popular than others.

Vegan protein

If you prefer vegan protein powders, here is how two vegan blends from both brands compare side by side:

Bulk Powders Vegan Protein PowderMyProtein Vegan Protein Blend
Protein per serving 23g 24g
Number of flavours 7 3
Artificial sweeteners
Added digestive enzymes?

I personally love Bulk Powders Vegan Protein Powder with Vanilla flavour being my favourite (full review here). I’ve also tried their White Chocolate Coconut flavour but I wasn’t too impressed as the flavour was barely there.

I haven’t tried Vegan Protein Blend from Myprotein yet, but I think I prefer something with digestive enzymes and also it seems that Bulk Powders’ Vegan Protein Powder seems to have better reviews.

Bulk Powders or Myprotein: Which one to go for?

If you are trying to decide between the two brands, both of them are good quality, however, the exact ingredients and flavours differ from brand to brand.

To see which one you prefer, it’s probably best to buy you a variety of products from both and then decide on your favourites. Both of them run regular offers so make use of them while they last.

Check out current offers on Bulk Powders website here >
Check out current offers on Myprotein website here >

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