Five Tips for Moving Homes During the Pandemic

By | August 29, 2020

Although it might seem like life is at a standstill during COVID-19, the truth is that time is marching forward. People are living their lives, although they are doing so much differently than they expected to at the start of the year. If you are planning a move this year, it might look a bit different than it would during “normal times.”

Moving is stressful under even the best conditions. If you have to move during the pandemic, it’s important to take precautions and understand that there may be more challenges along the way. Some places are experiencing truck shortages, moving companies may have more restrictions than normal, and you have to worry about keeping your family safe.

Here are some tips for how to get through the experience without letting the stress take over.

1. Moving Is Stressful—So Make Sure You’re Mentally Prepared

Anybody who has moved knows that it can be frustrating and is almost always stressful. Acknowledging this fact ahead of time won’t make the experience less stressful, but it will help you in preparing to cope with the challenges that will inevitably come up.

Mentally prepare yourself for the process. Build some stress-busting activities into your moving plan and some timing buffers so you’re not frantically packing at the last minute or stressing out about returning the rental truck. Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best will allow you to manage your mental health as you navigate this stressful experience.

2. If You’re Moving with Kids, Take some Time to Prepare Them As Well!

Moving is hard on the whole family, and it can be especially difficult for children, depending on the circumstances. Children might be anxious, excited, scared, sad, or hyperactive in the time leading up to your move. Every child processes the experience differently, and even siblings might have different feelings about moving.

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Recognize that your children might be going through some big emotions. In addition to preparing yourself mentally for the move, it’s a good idea to help your children to do the same. In a public health crisis, children’s well-being can suffer, and it’s important to realize the role that the pandemic will play in their emotions surrounding the move.

3. Have a Strategy Ready for Managing Anxiety

If you already know that you’re going to feel anxious and stressed, it’s a good idea to have some strategies ready for managing these feelings when they come up. Learn to recognize the symptoms of anxiety and prepare for these moments by learning coping techniques.

Breathing exercises can be a great tool since you can do them anywhere and anytime, with no equipment. You can also practice meditation, take a walk, or put on some soothing music. It’s important to find out what works for you so you can use those strategies when you really need them.

4. Be Sure to Disinfect Personal Items Pre & Post Move

The good news is that surfaces don’t seem to be the main way COVID-19 spreads. But it still pays to be cautious and to disinfect your personal items both before and after you move. Disinfecting them before will help to protect anyone helping you while disinfecting afterward will reduce the risk of your family contracting the virus.

You don’t have to disinfect every last candlestick you pull out once a year. But be sure to clean frequently-used items regularly during the moving process. And if you’re wondering about gloves—they’re not recommended during moves, except to protect your hands. They haven’t been shown to reduce the virus’s spread and could actually harbor germs!

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5. If a Moving Company is Helping, Be Sure to Ask Questions

If you are moving with help from the family members who are living with you, then there shouldn’t be much risk of contracting COVID-19 during your move. But if you’re planning to hire anyone, be cautious and ask questions.

Everyone is handling the virus a little bit differently, and it’s important to understand your own comfort level when hiring movers. Don’t be afraid to ask about their sanitation and mask policies. Are they monitoring their employees’ health and asking customers about any symptoms? It might feel strange to ask these questions, but safety comes first!

It isn’t easy moving during a public health crisis. You need to be prepared and expect that the process will be challenging. Don’t forget to take time for yourself after your move to rest and recharge!

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