Forget grey, colour is coming back ‘with a bang’ this autumn

By | April 14, 2020

“Grey has been the go-to for several years now, so it’s exciting to see bold brights and soft, earthy neutrals coming through for 2020,” Carpet Court style ambassador and interior stylist Nette King said.

“These are colours that lift your spirit the moment you walk into a room. They cry out for layering of texture, matte finishes and, in some cases, a little bit of daring when it comes to decorating.”

Two standout looks for the season are expected to be Colour Play and Raw Luxe.

“Colour Play is all about fun,” Nette said.

“With the Marie Kondo craze sweeping the country, coupled with the popularity of minimalist Scandi styling, we’ve been urged to pare back our belongings to the bare essentials. Colour Play is a reaction to that – ‘more is more’ is the new maxim when it comes to colour, and quirky pieces that speak to our sense of fun are in vogue.

There is a new wave of colour-hungry homeowners who take delight in trying something new.

Nette King, Carpet Court style ambassador and interior stylist

Nette says people shouldn’t confuse Colour Play with a busy, eclectic look, suggesting it’s more refined than that. “Think of it as ‘curated maximalism’,” she says. “The colours and patterns might be bright, but furniture and accessories are chosen for their clean lines and styled with intent to allow plenty of breathing space.

“Carpet Court’s Laneway vinyl plank flooring in White Oak will make a space feel open and airy and provides the perfect base for vibrant brights. Or, for softness underfoot, go for a twist carpet in a pretty pastel, such as Hideaway Lodge in Bubblegum. Layer up with a statement, patterned rug.

RAW LUXE: Calm, nurturing spaces that draw nature inside your home.

RAW LUXE: Calm, nurturing spaces that draw nature inside your home.

At the other end of the style spectrum is the Raw Luxe look.

“This trend reflects our desire to slow down and disconnect from the 24/7 digital onslaught,” Nette said.

“Colours are warm, muted and drawn from nature, with raw textures and imperfect finishes that speak of authenticity and craftsmanship.

“While the look is restrained, it’s by no means lacking in comfort or luxury. The idea is to include discreet hints of opulence that elevate natural materials and forms. The result? Calm, nurturing spaces that draw nature inside your home.

“Keep the palette simple – think pale floors, white walls and subtle hints of light tan and green, with pops of dull gold or brass adding a touch of glamour.

“To create an opulent, open feel choose wide floorboards in a pale colour, such as Precinct Oak engineered timber flooring in Loire or a textured, loop-pile carpet such as Hawksview in Beechwood.

“Keep the look soft and tonal by adding in a chunky, sink-your-toes-in rug such as the Columbo rug in cream, and pale timber and woven rattan furniture.”

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