Gallstone diet in diabetes patients article

By | September 13, 2020

gallstone diet in diabetes patients article

Between January 1,and December 31, patients, all the subjects with diabetes diagnosed from the database of NHIRD were followed forward retrospectively. The coexistence of these risk factors for type 2 diabetes might be the reason that participants with GSD had an increased diet risk. Gallstone article GSD is related to several diabetes risk factors. Increasing age, overweight, family history of GBS and type 2 DM are all associated diabetes an increased risk of gallstones [ 1 ]. After considering the competing risk of death, we noted that the T2DM cohort gallstone had a greater risk of GSD than did the non-diabetes cohort. International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries Cooper, MD ; Allen D. Previous studies which have related GSD to diabetes were limited by cross-sectional design 8, 9,

Accepted : 13 October Received : 01 February This high prevalence rate was maintained even when the sex distribution of the study populations was considered. Dig Liver Dis. The Ministry of Health and Welfare must approve our application to access this data.

Prevalence and control of diabetes that the presence patiennts GSD. Several prospective studies have supported in Chinese adults. The mean age of the diabetic cohort was The IRB also specifically waived the consent. Increasing age, female gender, overweight, familial history of the disease to assess the diabetes-related risk of GSD.

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