Glitter Eggs Butts Are The New Easter Trend That No Bunny Was Egg-specting

By | April 19, 2019

If you’ve been following Delish over the past almost-year or so, you’ll have noticed they’re pretty good at finding old butt-related food trends and blowing them up on the internet. Without further ado, we present to you Easter egg butts—a 2016 Insta trend that received far too little attention and deserves a lot more of it right now.

It’s unclear how exactly the trend came to be in the first place, but BuzzFeed did write up and commission a set of really hot egg butts in March of that same year, as photographed by Taylor Miller. From there, a few of the aforementioned butts went viral, but they continued to pop up on Instagram from time to time without nearly as much acknowledgment.

For instance, do you even remember seeing these speggtacular butts from Marky Make Up anywhere in 2018?

How about these equally gorgeous buns the year before that??

Sifting through the hashtag #EggButt is wild, because amongst all the pictures of this little guy, you just get hit after hit of Easter egg butt to the face.

People have even been doing this shit to babies over the past few years, you guys (…photo cropped to protect this sparkly-butted baby’s privacy):

[asset removed due to syndication rights]

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Anyway. There are only so many words a human can write about painted cheeks, amirite? We’ll leave you with this…We’ll see you all next week and we can re-group re: the startling lack of recent #SederPlateButts. Cool?

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