More than 80% of cross-border travellers are exempt from COVID-19 quarantine rules, government says

By | July 20, 2020

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Everyone else who is not exempted receives three emails — on the fourth, eighth and eleventh days of their quarantine period. Recorded phone messages go out on the eighth and eleventh day.

And 175,723 people have received live calls from a trained “screening officer,” who rates the person’s compliance through a series of questions, said Jabreau of the Public Health Agency.

For the first several weeks those calls only went out to people who indicated they had COVID-19 symptoms, plus a random sample of others. But since May 5, officials are trying to call all non-exempt travellers, she said.

The RCMP says the Public Health Agency has passed on the names of about 1,500 people it fears might flout the rules and need an in-person visit.

“These measures have been essential to slowing the spread of the virus within Canada’s borders,” said Jabreau about the border restrictions. “We have found that Canadians are responsive to their obligations and are dedicated to protecting public health.”

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