NHS tech agencies need to work ‘more collaboratively’ says CEO

CEO of the NHS Digital (NHSD), Simon Bolton stressed the importance of improving working relationships between NHS England and NHSX, during a board meeting on 21 July.  Stating that “it could be better,” Bolton added that he is working with NHS organisation leaders to prioritise this and establish how they can “work more collaboratively and in… Read More »

Summer Fun, Safely – Tips for Active Kids

Summer days mean more time outdoors to enjoy a variety of activities. Whether your family likes to swim, bike, boat, hike, run, or picnic in the park, putting safety first can help prevent unintended trips to the emergency room. Here are some tips to avoid interrupting the family summer fun. 1. Rely on your eyes,… Read More »

Exercise after microblading: All your questions answered

One of the notorious no-nos after microblading is exercising, which many customers noticed has ruined the effect and speeded up colour fading. This leads to more frequent touch-ups and redos, making the whole treatment expensive and rather pointless. Here’s everything you need to know about microblading and working out: why it’s not recommended, how long you… Read More »

Owner shut for COVID breach ‘no vigilante’

The owner of a Sydney organic food store shut down for repeated breaches of coronavirus restrictions says he’s not a “vigilante” or trying to push buttons. Pete Melov’s shop cannot open until August 3 after SafeWork NSW alleged serial breaches of the COVID public health orders. NSW police have received numerous complaints in recent weeks… Read More »