How should we care for older people with HIV?

As people living with HIV are living into old age, clinicians are developing new models of care. Dr Tom Levett and colleagues in Brighton, England, have recently described a combined HIV and geriatrics clinic – the Silver Clinic – that was designed to meet the needs of such patients by combining HIV care with geriatric… Read More »

What health benefits does a vegan diet provide

I have been dating this man for a while now, and at some point he told me that his sister and her husband have been vegan for several years. Cerebrovascular and ischaemic heart diseases are the two most common types of cardio-vascular disease. One study randomly assigned 40 arthritic participants to either continue eating their… Read More »

“Use the security you already bought,” says Trusted Computing Group at the Endpoint Security eSummit 2020

Beaverton, OR, USA, November 19, 2020 – Securing devices against rising security threats is critical to mitigate risks in today’s world of remote working and virtual meetings but can be challenging due to tight budgets. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to utilize the Trusted Computing features that are included in their PCs and other devices, leaving… Read More »

101 mediterranean diet meals

We like Wild Planet brand mediterranean list and meal guidance for beginning this ultra-healthy diet. Get 101 quick how-to, a of eating. A study that featured in The New England Journal of Medicine compared two Mediterranean diets with a control meals for almost 5 years. Pin FB ellipsis More. Precooked lentils make this healthy lunch… Read More »