Coronavirus: UK urged to scrap vaccine patents like US and EU to help poor countries

Campaigners call for UK to follow US and EU’s lead to scrap Covid vaccine patents so poor countries can get cheap jabs to end the pandemic Vaccine-makers could be stripped of exclusive rights to their own vaccines Some have already signalled being open to letting other firms make their jabs Politicians and campaigners want global… Read More »

Paid parental leave is long overdue

Recently, President Biden introduced legislation that would provide federal funding for paid parental leave for all parents for up to 12 weeks. As a pediatrician and hopeful soon-to-be parent, I am ecstatic. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has long advocated for a minimum of 12 weeks of parental leave to promote the health and… Read More »

How Virtual Care is Morphing into “Just” Healthcare – my post in Medecision Liberation

The pandemic accelerated many Very Big Deals in digital health venture capital investment, mergers and acquisitions, and the re-emergence of SPACs in health care. A closer look at this activity points to a key trend that will persist post-pandemic: that telehealth and the broader theme of virtual care is re-shaping how health care is delivered.… Read More »

17% Off Popped Superfood Crisps By Dr. Gundry: 2021 Reviews

Popped Superfood Crisps Improved Energy Supporting the Immune System Curbing Cravings Weight Management Boosting Metabolism Popped Superfood Crisps Deals in health and wellness products Great customer support Competitive prices for the products Headquarters in Beverly Hills, CA Medical Benefits May boost metabolism Can support a healthy immune system  Improves your energy It cuts cravings for… Read More »

Crohn’s disease patients have specific IgG antibodies to human bacterial flagellins

Last year, Charles O. Elson, M.D., demonstrated a potential preventive treatment for Crohn’s disease, a form of inflammatory bowel disease. He used a mouse model that included immune-reactive T cells from patients with Crohn’s disease in a flagellin peptide-specific immunotherapy. This study provided proof-of-principle that a flagellin-directed immunotherapy might provide similar benefits in patients. Now… Read More »