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State Law Allows HIV Disclosure of Recently Deceased

A new law in Oklahoma requires that anyone handling the remains of an HIV-positive person—such as medical personnel and funeral directors—be informed of the decedent’s HIV status. Written by Republican House Speaker Charles McCall, the bill was signed by Governor Kevin Stitt earlier this month, reports Public Radio Tulsa. LGBT advocates asked Stitt to veto… Read More »

Check-Cap’s Swallowable X-Ray Pill Allows For Prep-Free Colon Cancer Screenings

It’s no secret that preparation for a colonoscopy is an uncomfortable experience. At times, the preparation can be so off-putting, that some chose to forgo the procedure altogether. For this reason, Check-Cap has created a digestible capsule for prep-free colon cancer screening to ensure that no patient gets left behind in cancer precaution. The device… Read More »