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Channel Your Election-Induced Anxiety Into Action With These To-Do Items

Katie BuckleitnerGetty Images If you’re experiencing massive anxiety waiting for the results of the United States Presidential Election, you’re definitely not alone. The entire country is at a standstill as results roll in slowly and as predicted, it’s not without complications. AP has not yet called the race and there are still a high amount… Read More »

Measuring the Impact of Maternal Anxiety on Children’s Social-Emotional Development

Over the last few years, the medical community has been using the term perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) to describe the spectrum of psychological symptoms women may experience during pregnancy or the postpartum period.  This shift reflects the realization that the term “postpartum depression” describes only the tip of a much larger iceberg; many… Read More »

How to manage pandemic anxiety [PODCAST]

The Podcast by KevinMD | Podcast | August 11, 2020 “Since the coronavirus outbreak, reports of anxiety have increased, especially among physicians. Physicians face numerous stressors, including fears of contracting the coronavirus, concerns about potentially infecting loved ones, PPE shortages, testing delays, and frequently making quick decisions with limited information. Common symptoms of anxiety are… Read More »