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Airplanes and ear pain: How to avoid it

Regardless of how much you paid for your seat, how much leg room you have or whether you are flying first class or coach, one thing many air travelers have in common is ear discomfort. Ear pressure, popping and even severe pain do not discriminate.  While most ear discomfort during air travel is nothing more than… Read More »

Anti hypertension diet avoid

Effect of dietary fiber intake on blood pressure: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Managing stress to control high blood pressure. Nonpharmacologic prevention and treatment of hypertension. However, there is significant difficulty in achieving these dietary sodium reductions. Micronutrients Sodium Sodium is ubiquitous among most foods and beverages. Request Appointment. Other forms of sodium are also… Read More »

Face mask you need to avoid

With so many different face masks on the market you’d be forgiven for feeling confused about which one you should buy. Fortunately a group of scientists have done the hard work for us, analysing 14 different face coverings to find out which are the most effective at preventing coronavirus – as well as types of… Read More »

Rising temperatures: How to avoid heat-related illnesses and deaths

In Boston, we believe warmer is better. Our cravings for warmth are formed in the cold, dark winter nights when the prospect of summer seems impossibly remote. But with July temperatures reaching near 100° F, our winter dreams are becoming a summertime nightmare. Dangerous heat exposures in Boston and other cities across the US aren’t… Read More »