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How to get the best night’s sleep

If you’re waking up feeling tired every morning, or struggling to get to sleep at night, or just getting nowhere near the six to eight hours rest you should be — and really, who is? — then research has identified the culprit, and it’s not stress, or diet or late-afternoon coffees. In fact, the saying… Read More »

Study of injectable PrEP reports the best efficacy seen yet for any form of PrEP in women

HPTN 084 study finds significantly lower adherence in women taking daily PrEP pills A second study of an injectable HIV drug used to prevent HIV has had its randomised phase stopped early after it became clear that giving women a two-monthly injection of a prevention drug resulted in nearly nine times fewer infections than giving… Read More »

Best diet plan for type 1 diabetics

Choose whole-grain foods such as foods travel easily and are great to have on hand when you need them. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other whole-grain bread or crackers, tortillas, bran cereal, brown rice, or beans. Put oats and baking powder into a food processor, then set aside. In a small study of people with type… Read More »

Best yogurt brand for keto diet

Low carb Greek yogurt is like a rich creamy license to enjoy decadent great tasting foods shamelessly and without regret. High protein low carb foods, like low carb Greek yogurt, are the cornerstone of the low carb lifestyle. They offer healthy alternatives to ensure a nutrient-dense diet, full of variety, with plenty of delicious low… Read More »