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Living with bipolar disorder: ‘It is important for people to know that it is possible to have a mostly stable, happy life with this diagnosis’

Niall O’Keeffe is one of 45,000 Irish people living with bipolar disorder. “Bipolar disorder, or manic depression as it used to be known, can affect you in two ways,” he says. “Firstly, you can experience deep depression accompanied sometimes by suicidal ideation, then the polar opposite to that is a euphoric mood where you feel… Read More »

Bipolar Disorder Prognosis In 2020 – How Many People Have It?

For the prognosis of bipolar disorder[1]: Many people with bipolar disorder have successful good treatment, which, in turn, results from an accurate diagnosis. Because bipolar disorder may have a high rate of both under-diagnosis and diagnosis wrong, it is often difficult for people with the condition to receive competent treatment. Patients with bipolar disorder are… Read More »

What’s Best for Treating Bipolar Disorder?

MONDAY, Oct. 19, 2020 — Combining medication with group or family-based therapy gives patients struggling with bipolar disorder their best shot at living stable lives, a new review suggests. “People with bipolar disorder have significant mood swings, from periods of depression to mania,” explained study author David Miklowitz, a professor of psychiatry with UCLA’s David… Read More »

Depakote and abilify for bipolar

Does the combination of Wellbutrin and seroquel can unstable moods? My quest for the right bipolar drugs was shorter than it is for many people, but it was still too long. Is not subject to the Controlled Substances Act. Depakote should be monitored for potentially fatal side effects depakote and abilify for bipolar as liver… Read More »

What medication for bipolar depression

Although it can take several weeks for most medications to function, which category does it fall into? Any adverse effects, and you may also have your weight and height monitored. Your progress will be carefully monitored if you’re taking other medication, i know for a fact that Seroquel causes a metabolic disorder. Most bipolar people… Read More »