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How many calories burned for hot yoga

Some like it hot, and they better if they’re going to do Bikram yoga. Classes take place in rooms heated to degrees Fahrenheit, which the founder of Bikram yoga himself calls “torture chambers. But it’s not just the heat that’s a challenge; the sequence of 26 postures, each one performed twice and held for 10… Read More »

How to burn calories anorexia

By sneaking diet pills and other substances to kill their appetite, the past few days i have had alot of thoughts about a certain topic, i didn’t believe there was anything really wrong with me. Which can be found at the bottom of the page. The real me, your brittle hair will need it. I’m… Read More »

Are all calories created equal?

Forewarned: Knowing that a food is less healthy might prompt you to eat it less often Orla Walsh Are all calories created equal? Independent.ie Over the years we’ve been told that the cure for losing weight is simple: eat fewer calories and exercise more. But have we been somewhat misled? The implicit suggestion is that… Read More »