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Where does cardio burn fat

See more videos. In addition to physical activity, losing weight also requires changing your diet. Low Impact Exercises. These eight tips can help you get the most out of those minutes and make progress faster. Weight Loss. Is cardio really necessary for fat loss? Which type of cardio will optimize fat loss? The good news… Read More »

Cardio vs weight training

My decision on what you should do certainly depends on your fitness level, how much time you can devote to exercise daily, and what you actually LIKE to do. You like burning calories while sitting on your butt. Should I Do Strength Or Cardio First In My Workouts? Plus, losing weight shouldn’t cardio vs weight… Read More »

How does cardio cause muscle loss

Research has proven that if you are physically active, elevates metabolic rate, which produces a much more favorable body composition loss endurance performance. Why do some people gain fat even though does do cardio, this fact of human physiology has often muscle taken out of context and used to scare people into not doing cardiovascular… Read More »