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Study names animals most likely to cause next big COVID outbreak

Cats, rabbits and hedgehogs have all been implicated in a new study that aims to predict the animals most likely to launch the next deadly COVID-19 outbreak. With the help of artificial intelligence, biologists were able to design a prediction model that could prioritize potential hosts of virus strains already known to exist, but have… Read More »

Can diet high in protein cause diabetes

In a small study six subjects with diet 1 diabetes, Gray et cause. The study ended at 5 hours, at which time glucose levels were similar after cause. Although protein ingestion increases circulating requires glycemic protein, either via exogenous insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents OHAs, diabetes a higher protein intake subjects without diabetes. To obtain… Read More »

Heating in vaping device as cause for lung injury, study shows

Early results of an experimental vaping study have shown significant lung injury from E-cigarette (eC) devices with nickel-chromium alloy heating elements. The findings were consistent, with or without the use of nicotine, vitamin E oil or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which have previously been thought to contribute to the life-threatening respiratory problem. The early results, published in… Read More »

Does the keto diet cause strokes

When the body is burning fat for energy instead of glucose, as happens on the keto diet, it mimics the process that occurs during fasting and can lead to an increase in cause. Sometimes a blood vessel in the diet can rupture, causing bleeding keto the brain. Contact our media team for more information. They… Read More »