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Get the Birds To Come To You

Hosting a gathering of friends at your home may not be advisable at this time, but getting together with a flock of feathered friends is a great diversion. During the pandemic, birding has become a popular escape with sales for seed suppliers, birdhouse builders and other bird related businesses “through the roof,” according to Audubon… Read More »

It has come to this: ignore vaccines-in-animals drug industry PR & news

A long-haired male golden hamster (via Wikipedia & Creative Commons) Earlier this week, a powerful opinion piece, “It Has Come To This:  Ignore the CDC,”  co-authored by former National Institutes of Health director Harold Varmus,  was published in the New York Times. That’s on the science side. On the PR and journalism side, it has… Read More »

Former Ellen DeGeneres Staff Come Forward Saying Show Was a ‘Toxic Work Environment’

Dave KotinskyGetty Images Former employees from The Ellen DeGeneres Show have come forward about the alleged “toxic work environment” on set. Employees said they faced micro-aggressions and racism, and were fired after taking medical leave, among other claims. Employees on The Ellen DeGeneres Show are coming forward about the “toxic work environment” on set of… Read More »

When did flutter come out

This year, mobile applications continued to become more and more popular. Fortunately there are many programming tools available to developers who want to create them. Among these tools there is Flutter, which has distinguished itself lately. In a few words, it allows you to create a native mobile application with only one codebase. This means… Read More »