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Connecticut to start reporting coronavirus deaths weekly not daily as positivity rates remain low

Connecticut officials will stop delivering daily updates on new coronavirus-related deaths as more people get vaccinated and infection rates stay extremely low, according to reports.  The state has reported a less than 1% positivity rate this week and last, only 32 hospitalizations Tuesday and no deaths, according to the Hartford Courant.  WHO CHIEF WARNS ‘VARIANTS… Read More »

Coronavirus UK: Neil Ferguson warns SAGE needs ‘two to three weeks’ more data

UK records 7,500 cases in biggest daily spike since February but deaths stay stable at six – as ‘Professor Lockdown’ Neil Ferguson warns PM there won’t be enough data for ‘three weeks’ to unlock as hopes of June 21 Freedom Day fade SAGE virus outbreak expert said it was still possible the third wave will… Read More »

Schools do not fuel the spread of coronavirus, SAGE expert says

Schools are NOT fuelling the spread of the Indian variant and mutant strain poses no greater threat to youngsters, SAGE adviser insists Professor Russell Viner said classrooms were not seeing the virus spread fast He instead said households — where people mix indoors — are the main drivers Comes after Downing Street allegedly leaned on PHE… Read More »

A 9-year-old who’s been battling coronavirus for 6 months says the illness is a big deal

“Kids, I’m sorry to say this, but it is a big deal. It will hurt,” Eli told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Monday. “You just got to face the truth: Sometimes you’re not OK.” Eli and his father, Jonathan Lipman, are among a growing population of people who have been deemed “long haulers” — people who… Read More »

CDC study finds coronavirus rarely kills children, but minorities at higher risk

Children from ethnic and racial minorities, those with underlying health conditions and those between the ages of 18 and 20 are more likely to die, a CDC-led research team wrote in a study published Tuesday in the agency’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. The report also showed just how unusual it is for children and… Read More »