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New (But Still Not Enough) Data on Modafinil and Pregnancy

Modafinil (brand name Provigil) is a wake-promoting agent which is used to treat sleepiness due to narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, or obstructive sleep apnea.  It is also used in other settings, often in combination with other medications, to treat ADHD symptoms, depressive symptoms, and cognitive dysfunction.   In 2018, an interim report from a registry… Read More »

Europe Revealed as The World’s Enterprise Data Superpower According to New Study

Europe is the world’s enterprise data superpower according to new research from Digital Realty Dublin amongst the top ten European cities that will form that data superpower Globally, Dublin will also outpace other hubs like Sao Paulo, Mexico City and Shanghai to be within the top 20 cities that will attract more data growth in… Read More »

Coronavirus deaths hit 24-week low of 73 in final week of August, official data shows

Coronavirus deaths hit 24-week low of 73 in final week of August, official data shows – but fatalities from other causes remain above average for third week Dip marks a 24 per cent fall on last week’s deaths, the first time they sunk back into double digits But deaths in UK remained above the five-year… Read More »

Choosing the Right Partner for Legacy Data Archiving

Ryan Oliver, Research Director, KLAS In one of our latest COVID-19 reports, providers told KLAS that though many healthcare organizations are cutting back on costs, health system expansion is not one of them. Only 2 percent of organizations report a complete stop in expansion. As mergers and acquisitions continue, legacy data archiving presents the opportunity to shut… Read More »

The Doctor Behind the Disputed Covid Data

A college degree at 19. A medical school graduate with a Ph.D. at 27. By the time he completed training in vascular surgery in 2014, Dr. Sapan Desai had cast himself as an ambitious physician, an entrepreneur with an M.B.A. and a prolific researcher published in medical journals. Then the novel coronavirus hit and Dr.… Read More »