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Al Interviews Chris Agudo | Delivery Driver, Suicide Attempt Survivor, Author & Co-founder of Living Is So Big

In this episode, Al interviews Chris Agudo, delivery driver, suicide attempt survivor, author, and co-founder of Living Is So Big (recorded 2-24-20). Chris can put his finger on four things that occurred in a short period of time that threw him into a dangerous, downward spiral of depression; 1) unrelenting, unexplained massive headaches, 2) a broken… Read More »

When start yoga after delivery

Vigorous exercise can put a big strain on your pelvic floor muscles and may cause you to leak wee. 2015 but today I got little spotting in dark brown color. These exercises are the most when start yoga after delivery way to target the bulk of the abdomen while improving strength throughout your entire midsection.… Read More »

Why legal questions surround the use of voice technology in care delivery

Voice recognition technology is on the rise—just ask someone with a smartphone or smart speaker—and, given the opportunities presented by artificial intelligence, the possible healthcare applications seem endless. Imagine a traditional primary care physician visit during which the physician and patient engage in a direct and productive conversation with one another while an AI-powered voice… Read More »