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To Extract More Doses per Vial, Vaccinators Put Squeeze on FDA to Relax Vaccine Handling Advice

President Joe Biden has promised enough covid vaccine to immunize every willing adult by June 1. But right now, the gap between supply and demand is so dramatic that vaccinators are discovering ways to suck the final drops out of each vaccine vial — if federal regulators will let them. Pharmacists involved in the covid… Read More »

Johnson & Johnson board member says 20 million Covid vaccine doses will be delivered by the end of March

Johnson & Johnson board member Dr. Mark McClellan says the company expects 20 million doses delivered by the end of March as the U.S. becomes one step away from adding a third safe and effective vaccine to its arsenal. “There is going to be a ramp-up period, so 4 million doses expected next week, going… Read More »

J&J inks European COVID-19 vaccine supply deal for 200M doses

Two months after concluding exploratory talks over a COVID-19 vaccine supply pact with officials in Europe, Johnson & Johnson has finalized its deal. The company will provide 200 million doses of its vaccine—should it prove safe and effective in testing and win an approval—for an undisclosed price.  Johnson & Johnson is already in phase 3 testing, and officials… Read More »