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Coronavirus: Four-month-old kitten in the UK is put down after catching Covid from its owner

Four-month-old kitten has to be put down after catching Covid from its owner: Study confirms two cases of human-to-cat transmission in Britain during 2020’s first wave The Ragdoll cat developed critical lung damage from a case of pneumonia University of Glasgow study said sick owners could pass virus onto their pets It is not clear,… Read More »

Vanuatu workers touch down in Tasmania

More than 150 seasonal workers from Vanuatu have arrived in Tasmania as the first cohort to do so under a quarantine agreement struck by the state. The workers arrived on Friday night. Some 56 of them will remain in Tasmania to take up farm and agribusiness roles after their quarantine ends, while the rest will… Read More »

AstraZeneca vaccine halt could slow down Asia’s economic recovery, says economist

SINGAPORE — Asia’s economic recovery could slow down as more countries suspend the use of the Covid-19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford, warned the chief Asia-Pacific economist of Moody’s Analytics. “It adds some modest risk to the role that Asia plays in terms of the global economic turnaround,” Steve Cochrane told… Read More »