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Could CBD help you drink less alcohol?

We’re drinking more alcohol than ever, despite social restrictions. But the new soberista crowd are now looking to CBD to take the edge off their nerves with no hangovers In a surprise to precisely no one, Brits are drinking more in lock down. Pubs and bars may be closed across the country, but that hasn’t… Read More »

What to drink to not get flu

As we know, there’s no cure for the common cold. Clinical signs and symptoms predicting influenza infection. 5 0 0 1 5 3. The ginger pierces the suffocating confusion, while there’s honey to help my throat. If it does not cure you, you will not care. My husband introduced me to this one day. Check… Read More »

How much can you drink on ativan

5 mg Ativan is it safe to drive? When you first start lorazepam, your doctor may slowly increase your dose to avoid how much can you drink on ativan effects. It is not meant for long-term use, so unless your physician instructs you to, If you drink alcohol after taking magnesium citrate, it may block… Read More »