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‘Nothing to do with discrimination’: Chinese-Canadian MDs urge everyone returning from China to self-quarantine

A group of 23 Chinese-Canadian doctors have signed an open letter urging that everyone returning from China enter a voluntary, 14-day quarantine, a surprising counterpoint to the softer approach espoused by public-health officials. Dr. Stanley Zheng, the Toronto family physician who drafted the missive, went further in an interview Wednesday. He said he believes “unequivocally”… Read More »

Why does everyone have allergies

Do I have the time, and am I willing to spend that time getting allergy shots? Is the parasite cleanse safe while breastfeeding? I eat so much and I never get full. Peanuta non grata: Nobody knows for sure what is causing the increase in peanut allergies, and the only real point of consensus is that… Read More »