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California, NYC to workers: Get vaccine or face weekly tests

California and New York City announced Monday that they would require all government employees to get the coronavirus vaccine or face weekly COVID-19 testing, and the Department of Veterans Affairs became the first major federal agency to require health care workers to receive the shot. Meanwhile, in a possible sign that increasingly dire health warnings… Read More »

S. Korea’s ‘comfort women’ face life’s end as political fight rages on

SEOUL, July 2 – Fighting disease, death and disillusionment, members of South Korea’s rapidly dwindling sisterhood of surviving “comfort women” say they are facing the twilight of their lives with diminished camaraderie and will to wage political battles. Only 14 of the 240 registered survivors of Japan’s wartime brothels are still alive in South Korea,… Read More »

Israel’s ultra-orthodox Jews face a loss of power

The heterogeneous coalition that is emerging to replace the 12-year rule of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spans the Israeli political spectrum from left to right, including secular parties, modern Orthodox politicians from the religious Zionist camp and even a small Arab, Islamist party. Missing are the ultra-Orthodox, or Haredim, a Hebrew term for those who… Read More »

Weekly Health Quiz: Enzymes, Vaccines and Face Masks

1 Certain enzymes may be useful for COVID-19 because they help: Support quick weight loss Degrade fibrin, which is a key factor in clot formation Extracted from earthworms, lumbrokinase is a highly effective antithrombotic agent that reduces blood viscosity and platelet aggregation while also degrading fibrin, which is a key factor in clot formation. Learn… Read More »

Amy Coney Barrett’s healthcare record to face heavy scrutiny

With healthcare and the fate of Obamacare being significant election issues and Democrats scrambling for a way to stop Judge Amy Coney Barrett from joining the Supreme Court, Barrett’s position on the healthcare law, known as the Affordable Care Act, will likely be front-and-center at her confirmation hearing. Democratic members of Congress and presidential nominee… Read More »