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What is hair fall tips

All of us, at some point, start to fear that we might be losing too much hair. But what could be causing the unexpected hair loss? In this article, we will discuss the stages of hair growth, causes of hair fall, and how you can reduce it naturally. This is because, contrary to popular belief,… Read More »

For hair fall dua

Even young boys can face these problems of baldness, hair loss or thin hair fall the age of 19 or less. Sometimes, stress, poor for habits, and physical efforts may lead to immense hair fall. Tweets by ShkhAbdulRaheem. Those girls who have been medical procedures, shampoos, medicines and oils to increase hair size and length,… Read More »

Can a hair loss kill you

We break it Stress is one of the leading causes of premature hair loss. Note : there is no guarantee that any hair regrown during treatment will persist once the treatment is finished. Explore now. To prevent over-processing, she recommends limiting chemical treatments on the scalp to every four to six weeks. Applying creams and… Read More »

Can excessive drinking cause hair loss

Heavy drinking is never a good idea. Aside from the long-term risks — alcoholism, drunk driving and liver disease included — long-term binge drinking takes a detrimental toll on your appearance and emotional health. Heavy drinkers may also suffer from premature or unexpected hair loss. Alcohol contains empty calories. Notwithstanding red wine, which in moderation… Read More »