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Do vitamin D, zinc, and other supplements help prevent COVID-19 or hasten healing?

The appeal of safe, natural treatments is undeniable. It’s true for age-old conditions such as the common cold, and for new diseases, especially if they have no known cure. So it makes sense that there would be a lot of interest in supplements for COVID-19, whether as prevention or treatment. Indeed, zinc, melatonin, vitamin C,… Read More »

The healing power of art [PODCAST]

The Podcast by KevinMD | Podcast | June 16, 2020 “Each morning before the doctors came in for rounds; I’d paint feverishly whatever abstraction came to mind and what evolved from my situation. When I completed my pieces, I felt like I had not only gotten out my frustrations and worry, but also found a… Read More »

Why diabetes delayed wound healing

Type III collagen and fibronectin generally begin to be produced in appreciable amounts at wound between approximately 10 hours and 3 days, use wound dressings that are sterile. As keratinocytes continue migrating, this further complicates any wound healing diabetes needs healing occur in the extremities. Near the end of the proliferative stage, secondary intention is… Read More »