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How Glennon Doyle’s ‘Untamed’ captured Adele’s heart — and millions more

Adele’s outer transformation has shocked fans worldwide. But it’s her mind makeover that’s really making waves. “This book will shake your brain and make your soul scream,” Adele, 32, gushed of “Untamed,” a new memoir by Glennon Doyle, in a lengthy Instagram post published Saturday. “I am so ready for myself after reading this book!… Read More »

Warning: The Best Action Movies of 2020 Will Have Your Heart Beating Out of Your Chest

There’s no denying that day-to-day life can get a little boring—yeah, even (especially??) during this hellscape of a year. You wake up, eat, think about working out but inevitably decide not to, then stare at your laptop for 8 hours, gravitate towards the kitchen for a snack three to four times, and go to sleep…only… Read More »

Types of Heart Disease [INFOGRAPHIC]

High fiber diets during early adult years can lower lifetime cardiovascular disease risk. Research reveals that high fiber diets could be an important heart-healthy life style change that can be made by young and middle-aged individuals. The study found that 20 to 59 year old individuals having the highest intake of fiber had a substantially… Read More »

How to work out best heart rate to burn fat

To give you an example, since View Profile See Articles. How to burn fat if the chart below details both by Daniel Bubnis, M. Aurora Harklute has been writing you cannot workout Medically reviewed. Who doesn’t want to burn more fat? Unfortunately, the term “fat-burning zone” is misleading and tells only part of the working-out-for-weight-loss… Read More »