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You Asked: Should Women Taking Lamotrigine (Lamictal) Use Higher Dose of Folic Acid When Planning for Pregnancy?

We have really enjoyed our weekly virtual rounds.  It’s been a great opportunity to meet other perinatal psychiatrists in the community, and discussions with new people always brings up interesting clinical questions.  Last week we received a question regarding the use of folic acid supplementation in women taking lamotrigine (Lamictal).  The U.S. Public Health Service… Read More »

How to make your fertility higher

In a separate study, men with obesity had lower testosterone levels. Measuring FSH levels early in the menstrual cycle allows doctors to see how hard your body is working to make ovulation happen. Hypopituitarism: With this condition, the function of the pituitary gland is suppressed, which can greatly affect the levels of FSH, since this… Read More »

9/11 Workers May Be at Higher Cancer Risk

People who worked at ground zero after the World Trade Center attack in 2001 have higher rates of cancer than the general population, a new study has found. Since 2002, researchers have followed 28,729 people who worked on the debris pile or at the site immediately after the 9/11 attack. Average time working at the… Read More »