Heart Attack Signs for Women [INFOGRAPHIC]

The risk of middle aged women getting cardiovascular disease such as stroke, heart failure and heart attack could be reduced by the lowering of blood pressure. Researchers determined that high systolic blood pressure in middle-aged and older women is a strong risk factor for cardiovascular issues.[1] The percentage of potentially reversible as well as preventable… Read More »

How To Make Yourself Throw Up + [INFOGRAPHIC]

Throwing up to expel foods or substances that are causing you discomfort can provide welcome relief. You should however only induce vomiting as a last resort, and only in certain situations such as over indulging in too much food or alcohol, or after ingesting food that has been contaminated, or the ingestion of non-corrosive substances.… Read More »

Types of Heart Disease [INFOGRAPHIC]

High fiber diets during early adult years can lower lifetime cardiovascular disease risk. Research reveals that high fiber diets could be an important heart-healthy life style change that can be made by young and middle-aged individuals. The study found that 20 to 59 year old individuals having the highest intake of fiber had a substantially… Read More »