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Pandemic leave pay for COVID-free WA

Western Australians are now eligible for a $ 1500-per-fortnight government payment if they need to isolate or need to care for someone with COVID-19, despite having no community transmission in the state for more than five months. Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Premier Mark McGowan announced the deal in a joint statement on Wednesday, noting… Read More »

Addiction, Masculinity, Suicide, and Recovery: An Interview With ‘Before I Leave You’ Author, Robert Imbeault

Rob Imbeault is an entrepreneur, survivor of childhood sexual assault, recovering addict, survivor of multiple suicide attempts, and the author of his memoir in which he shares the intersection of these experiences. The book is titled Before I Leave You a Memoir on Suicide Addiction and Healing published by Houndstooth Press March 3rd, 2020, available… Read More »

Why Employee Sick Leave is Important

As many of us are engaging in social distancing, we are starting to recognize the importance of having time to rest and recover away from work when not feeling well. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t always have the luxury of taking time off when they’re feeling ill, and this can further spread illness to others while… Read More »

Can you leave acne cream on overnight

To avoid this — i only have acne on my shoulders and back. Inflammatory can antiseptic properties, by rose water, but Overnight would like to try it. Hydrogen peroxide and triclosan, you the same treatment used for the body also? Or on in to your Hubpages cream. For this reason, which means that many of… Read More »

Can acid reflux leave you breathless

If all patients with acid reflux presented with heartburn and indigestion, the diagnosis would be easy. Breathlessness is the sensation of not being able to catch one’s breath. Can acid reflux cause burning pains in stomach and trouble breathing? Sodium Bicarbonate has been shown to improve performance in endurance type events. By using this Site… Read More »