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Portable clotting agent slows internal bleeding by 97% in mice

When it comes to traumatic injuries, it’s a race against time. A person with major hemorrhage can die from blood loss within minutes. Bleeding from the extremities can be slowed with compression but what about internal bleeding? In a hospital, internal bleeding can be controlled with the transfusion of clotting agents, such as platelets, but… Read More »

Combining neurologic and blood pressure drugs reduces breast tumor development in mice

Adding a medication used to treat epilepsy, bipolar disorder and migraines to a blood pressure medicine reversed some aspects of breast cancer in the offspring of mice at high risk of the disease because of the high fat diet fed to their mothers during pregnancy. Conversely, this treatment combination increased breast cancer development in the… Read More »

Anti-ageing drug rejuvenates the mouths and oral microbiome of mice

By Michael Le Page The bones around mouse teeth like this one were rejuvenated by anti-ageing drugsSTEVE GSCHMEISSNER / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY A transplant drug with anti‑ageing properties has been shown to rejuvenate the oral health of old mice. The drug, called rapamycin, regenerated the bone in which teeth are embedded, restored the mouth microbiome… Read More »