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NHS tech agencies need to work ‘more collaboratively’ says CEO

CEO of the NHS Digital (NHSD), Simon Bolton stressed the importance of improving working relationships between NHS England and NHSX, during a board meeting on 21 July.  Stating that “it could be better,” Bolton added that he is working with NHS organisation leaders to prioritise this and establish how they can “work more collaboratively and in… Read More »

Woke feminists are ditching the Wing for more welcoming workspaces

When Michelle Ward, 43, heard about the controversy at the women’s only co-working space collective, the Wing, last summer, she canceled her membership. Ward, who works as CEO of the business coaching company 90 Day Business Launch, said that she “can’t believe” that the company is still in business. “I just personally didn’t want to… Read More »

‘People scared of catching Covid more judgmental & disapproving, study finds’

Now here’s an interesting one. Apparently people who are scared of catching Covid are also the most judgmental and disapproving – and not just about being careless with ­restrictions, but any wrongdoing. Yes, researchers have been looking into how we make moral judgments and it appears our morality is closely linked to concerns about our… Read More »

Black patients were more likely to die of COVID-19 largely due to inferior hospitals

Dive Brief: Researchers found that Black patients admitted with COVID-19 were 11% more likely to die than their White counterparts after adjusting for patient and clinical characteristics, according to a recent study in JAMA Network Open. Black patients were more likely to die largely because of where they received care — at hospitals that performed… Read More »