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Preeclampsia: Everything You Need to Know about This High-Risk Pregnancy Complication

Although it’s relatively uncommon, affecting just 3.4 percent of pregnancies in the U.S. each year, preeclampsia is a complication that can have serious long-term health effects for mom and baby. The condition is characterized primarily by higher-than-normal blood pressure during pregnancy, and may also involve elevated levels of protein in urine and a decrease in… Read More »

Prescription Opioids During Pregnancy and Risk for Major Malformations

Previous studies have suggested a link between opioid exposure during pregnancy and increased risk of certain major malformations, including neural tube defects.  A recent study from Bateman and colleagues assesses the risk of major malformation in women with first trimester use of prescription opioid use.   This study included 1,602,580 publicly insured pregnant women in the… Read More »

Pregnancy Turns the Stress Response on Its Head, Says Study

Washington DC, March 16: Researchers in a recent study found that the link between physical health problems and psychological stress generally relates to a stress-induced immune response gone wild, with inflammation then causing damage to other systems in the body. This is a predictable cascade, except in pregnancy cases. Scientists exploring the negative effects of… Read More »