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Best Blood Sugar Meds for Type 2 Diabetes

By Steven Reinberg HealthDay Reporter TUESDAY, June 29, 2021 (HealthDay News) — You have type 2 diabetes, and you are already taking an old standby drug, metformin. But you still need help controlling your blood sugar levels. Which medication would be the best? New research pitted several diabetes drugs against each other and came up… Read More »

Low sugar or low carb diet

Currently, more than million people have diabetes worldwide 1. Although diabetes is a complicated disease, maintaining good blood sugar levels can greatly reduce the risk of complications 2, 3. One of the ways to achieve better blood sugar levels is to follow a low carb diet. When blood sugar levels go up, the pancreas responds… Read More »

Is diet sugar bad for you

Confused by the variety of sugar substitutes nowadays? Understand the pros and cons to make an informed choice. If you’re trying to reduce the sugar and calories in your diet, you may be turning to artificial sweeteners or other sugar substitutes. You aren’t alone. Artificial sweeteners and other sugar substitutes are found in a variety… Read More »