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Dementia symptoms: Does your partner do this in their sleep? Major warning sign to spot

“These drugs won’t bring back memory and thinking, but they can boost what functions remain and help with behavioural problems and hallucinations,” notes the health body. In some people with hallucinations (when hallucinations are frightening or threaten safety, for example), additional treatment may be necessary, adds the health site. In addition to medicine, there are… Read More »

Artists fill their windows with light displays for isolation exhibit

As the coronavirus casts a shadow on humanity, these artists are projecting some light into the darkness. Lockdown-friendly exhibit Light Windows is shining art into the world this month by encouraging those with access to windows and ways of illuminating them to cast some love onto the Earth’s empty streets. The global installation features a… Read More »

Why do diabetics lose their toes

Research has shown that an aggressive, team approach is needed when caring for patients with diabetic foot ulcers due to morbidity and disability that is caused by amputations. Calluses are caused by an uneven distribution of weight. Your friend still feels pain because the nerves that were serving the leg are still intact. As the peripheral… Read More »