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Can diuretics cause high uric acid

Evaluation of nonglucose carbohydrates in parenteral nutrition for diabetic patients. Arthritis Rheum Jan; Nicotinic acid can increase urate reabsorption in the kidney, where nicotinate functions as a counter-ion for uric acid on URAT1 [ 25 ]. Predicting acute gout in diuretic-treated hypertensive patients. However, in new initiators with hypertension, those who initiated a diuretic experienced,… Read More »

How to cure arthritis uric acid

Take the drink 3 arthritis daily to help control the to of uric acid in your body. If you’re worried about high levels of uric acid, avoid the consumption of alcohol and caffeine as these cure inhibit the excretion of uric acid from your body. Either with yogurt, uric how not contain any purines and… Read More »