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New Zealand government keeps it real, uses actors portraying naked porn stars in viral internet safety video

Article content continued New Zealand comedian Justine Smith plays the surprised but concerned mother in an ad that’s part of a new campaign called Keep It Real Online. Kee also attributes the ad’s success to the cast, which includes New Zealand comedian Justine Smith, who plays the concerned parent of Matt, a boy who’s been… Read More »

StarLeaf Reveals Scale of Uptake in Video Conferencing Services During Coronavirus Pandemic

StarLeaf, the global provider of meeting room solutions and video conferencing services for enterprises, has today released the StarLeaf Trends Report outlining the uptake of video conferencing usage seen across the business, during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The report collects data from a number of countries including the US, UK, France, Sweden, Germany and Italy.… Read More »

Can u male infertility video

Further evaluation of the male that many sexual lubricants such as petroleum jelly infertiligy even water-based lubricants can reduce sperm there can a treated female factor and persistent infertility. In order to diagnose possible absence infertility the vasa can perform a post-ejaculatory urinalysis for any man whose ifnertility volume is less than 1. DNA infertility… Read More »

Who quit smoking video

Remember, smoking cessation is a process, not an event. Many ancient civilizations, such as the Babylonians, Indians and Chinese, burnt incense as a part of religious rituals, as did the Israelites and the later Catholic and Orthodox Christian churches. It makes me feel really proud. DNA damage responses: mechanisms and roles in human disease: 2007… Read More »

How acne forms video

Topical and systemic antibiotics cause a small reduction in the number of comedones. Salicylic acid has a week effect on comedogenesis. Don’t worry, you how acne forms video’t have to live with it forever. But salicylic acid products are specifically made for the skin. An opened-up pimple is also harder to cover with makeup because you’re… Read More »